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Dogar is a Muslim, Punjabi tribe in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is also used as a family name in Turkey and Northern Iraq among some Kurds and Turks. A minuscule number of unrelated Sikh and Hindu in Haryana and Indian Punjab also use the surname Dogar. Dogars are also found in the Bulandshahr District of Uttar Pradesh state in North India. Like the Punjab Dogars, they are Muslim. Read more about Dogar Cast


اگر آپ بھی کسی مشہور شخصیت کے بارے میں جانتے ہیں تو ان کا مکمل تعارف ہمیں بھجوائیں۔ شکریہ
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 Tariq Saleem Dogar
 Tariq Saleem Dogar was an Inspector General of Police, Punjab in Pakistan.
 Muhammad Nawaz Dogar
B.A., LL.B (Islamia University, Bahawalpur). Certificate in Cooperative Law and Management (C.T.C., Faisalabad). Certificate in Medicine and Surgery (Punjab Medical Faculty), LL.M. from Punjab University. Joined Punjab University Law College as Lecturer in 1989. Presently teaching Principles of Equity, Law of Contract, Law of Transfer of Property, Easement Act and Medical Jurisprudence to LL.B. classes Read mroe
 Abdus Samad Dogar
He was elected as member of the Senate in March 1997 for a six year term. He is currently a member of the Senate Standing Committees on Petroleum and Natural Resources and on Law Read more

 Mohammad Asif Dogar
Dr. Dogar joined RDR in July of 2008 after completing his radiology training at university of Iowa hospitals and clinics. Dr. Dogar completed clinical year, four years of residency training in Diagnostic Radiology and a fellowship in Neuroradiology at Universities of Iowa Hospital and Clinics Iowa City Iowa. Read More

Dr Muhammad Aslam Dogar

Dr Muhammad Aslam Dogar, who was appointed as director general public relations of Punjab on July 5, 2010, is author of eight books and is a prominent columnist. His books are part of the syllabus of journalism in Punjab University.Dr Aslam Dogar got master and PhD degrees in journalism from the Punjab University. He has rich experience in journalism and teachings. Read more

Zia Ur Rehman Dogar

ڈوگر برادری کا ایک کم عمر جیالہ۔ ابھی میٹرک کی تعلیم حاصل کر رہا تھا۔ کہ  سماجی و فلاحی کاموں سے دلچسپی ہوگئی۔  بے نظیر کی تقاریر سن کر شوق پیدا ہوا کہ وہ بھی کسی کے کام آئے اور بے نظیر کا جیالہ بنے۔  اس کے والد محمد رفیع ڈوگر جو واپڈا سرگودھا میں ملاز م ہیں۔ وہ خود بھی سماجی و فلاحی کاموں میں حصہ لیتے ہیں اور پیپلز پارٹی سے ان کا تعلق گزشتہ 20 سالوں سے ہے۔ ملازمت کے دوران وہ واپڈا ملازمین سے ہونے والی زیادتیوں کو برداشت نہ کرتے تھے۔ اور ان کے کام آتے تھےیہی وجہ ہے کہ وہ واپڈا ایمپلائز یونین کے جنرل سیکرٹری بنے اور ایک عرصہ تک اس عہدے پر فائز رہے۔ گزشتہ سال جو جنرل سیکرٹری سے بھی آگے پورے زونل سیکرٹری کا الیکشن جیت گئے محمد رفیع کے والد اپنے حلقہ احباب میں بابا شفیع ڈوگر کے نام سے جانے جاتے تھے

  Sardar Muhammad Hussain Dogar

Sardar Muhammad Hossain Dogar son of Sardar Noor Ahmed Dogar was born on September 18, 1955 at Kasur. He obtained the degree of LL.B. in 1981 from Punjab University Law College, Lahore. He served as Member, District Council Kasur during 1987-92; as Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab during 1993-96 and also functioned as Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Rural Development during 1993-95 and as Special Assistant to Chief Minister during 1995-96. A landlord, an agriculturist, a lawyer and a businessman, who has returned to the Punjab Assembly for the second term in general elections 2008.Read More About Sardar Muhammad Hussain Dogar

Malik Muhammad Aamir Dogar  
Malik Muhammad Aamir Dogar son of Malik Salah-ud-Din Dogar was born on January 1, 1972 at Multan and holds the degrees of M.A. (Political Science) and LL.B. He is an advocate and a businessman. He has served as Coucillor, Muncipal Corporation Multan during 1998-99, as Naib Zila Nazim, Multan during 2001-04 and as Nazim Multan as well. He has been elected as Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in general elections 2008. He has visited USA, UK, KSA and several countries of Europe, Central Asia and Middle East. He has been associated with various sports and other organizations of Multan. His father remained Member of Punjab Assembly for three consecutive terms during 1985-88, 1988-90 & 1990-93 and now he is a sitting Senator; his uncle, Malik Liaqat Ali Dogar was MNA during 2002-07.

Sardar Wajid Hussain Dogar
Sardar Wajid Ali Dogar son of Sardar Allah Ditta was born on February 2, 1967 at Pakpattan. He passed intermediate in 1990. He has been elected as Member Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in bye-elections 2008 against the seat vacated by his brother Sardar Mansab Ali Dogar, who had won both National and Provincial seats and opted for National Assembly seat. He served as Member District Council Pakpattan during 1992-95; as Nazim District Government, Pakpattan during 2005-08. His brother remained Member Provincial Assembly of the Punjab during 1997-99 and is a sitting MNA.

Air Commodore Mukhtar Ahmad Dogar

Born in early 1920s in village of Jhangvi, Punjab, India. He was self-educated, hailing from a humble family of farmers. Inspute of objections from his parents and family, who preferred he work in the fields, he walked 7 miles each day to school. He offered free tuition to a local household’s children on his way back from school, in exchange for a meal and time to finish his own studies, since there was no electricity in his village and he could not read/write in the dark.

Abdul Hameed Dogar  is a former justice of Sindh High Court and a former Chief Justice of Pakistan.
Following the Proclamation of Emergency by General Pervez Musharraf as Chief of Army Staff, on November 3, 2007., Justice Dogar took oath on Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) and was administered the oath of office of Chief Justice of Pakistan. On July 31, 2009, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in delivering a decision on Constitution Petitions No. 08 and 09 of 2009, declared that the taking oath on PCO was not legal and held that Justice Dogar was never a Constitutional Chief Justice of Pakistan as the office of the Chief Justice of Pakistan was never vacant by the de jure Chief Justice, hence treated him the de facto Chief Justice of Pakistan by protecting his all administrative, financial acts and any oath made before him in the ordinary course of affairs of the office of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, except the recommendations made by him in respect of appointments and reappointments for the offices of the superior judges.Read More About Abdul Hameed Dogar






Chaudhary Abdul Ghani Dogar

Mr Abdul ghani dogar was the subedar in the Indian army before partiotion of India and Pakistan .He was educated from Aligardh university situated in India was the one of the famous University of India for muslims.He partecipated in the 2nd world war and went to Turkey for the purpose of war . He was the Famous Armed personality in Jalender and Hoshyar pur .After partition he came Lahore and took the charge of Nankana Sahib in 1949. HE took part in the war of 1965 too.he got retirement in 1973 He has eight sons living in Chak #232 R.B baway wala Faisalabad. Mr abdul Ghani died in 13 june 1999 in the same village.(may Allah bless him ) 

Chaudhry Ghulam Ahmad Dogar(Late)

Ex Account Manager Of BUREWALA TEXTILE MILL. He Was a Great Personality among the Dogar community. His sons; Sardar Saeed Ahmad Dogar He is working in BUREWALA TEXTILE MILL at a higher rank in Spinning Section. Sardar Rashid Ahmad Dogar He is working in PAKISTAN AIR FORCE As a Wing Commander And now These Days He is Working IN Quetta. Sardar Aziz Ahmad Dogar and Sardar Najeeb Ahmad Dogar Both are doing a well business in ISLAMABAD. 

Chaudhry Noor Ahmad Dogar(Late)

He was a famous ‘Advocate of High Court’ based in Faisalabad, Pakistan and also had his own petroleum business. Ch. Noor Ahmed Dogar was originally from Kamalia, Zila Toba Tek Singh but finally settled in Faisalabad after graduating in law from Karachi. Ch. Noor Ahmed Dogar was known as a true gentleman having a very likeable personality. He has left behind three daughters and one son; namely Fariha Noor (Masters in Food and Nutrition), Faiza Noor (Masters in Organic Chemistry and Degree in Social Sciences & Psychology from UK), youngest daughter Dr. Ayesha Madiha and a son called Ch. Mohammed Umar Hayat Dogar (BENG(Hons) in Electronics & Information Engineering as well as Business Administration qualification gained from UK). Ch. Mohammed Umar Hayat Dogar is settled in UK and now works as a European Manager for a global electronics company as well as having his own property business. 

Chaudhry Ali Sher Khan

of the Chotali Dogars of Zilla Hoshiarpur, Tehsil Dasua was a magistrate and at the DC-level (Baroda) in the pre-partition Indian Civil Service and was an MLA in the first ELECTED Pakistan Assembly. He represented Sheikhupura first in the Punjab Legislative Assembly and then, after One Unit, in the Provincial Assembly of West Pakistan. He was instrumental in helping settle immigrant/refugee families from East Punjab after partition and is still recalled fondly for helping keep tribes and families together with their land allocations. 

Chaudary (late) Mahtab Din Dogar

He was the sixth Zaildar and one of the most respected leaders in the Dogar community. He was awarded two squares of land in Chichawatni by the British Rulers of India, in reward for exemplary bravery for apprehending robbers. He helped settle his brothers in 41/12L Dogaranwala, and went back to his Zail which consisted of 44 villages in Jalendar Hoshairpur area. His sons; Chaudary Charag Din who graduated from Canada in 1952 became the Agriculture Advisor to the Government of Pakistan; Chaudary Nawab Din became Tehsildar (1st class magistrate); followed by Chaudary Gulam Mahue Din becoming the seventh Zaildar of the Dogar family before the birth of Pakistan; Lt. Col. Sardar M. joining the British Forces; Chaudary Abual Fazal and Chaudary Bashir Ahmed. Three of his grand-daughters became foreign qualified Nuclear Research doctors and two grand-sons became one star Generals in the Armed Forces along with many of his nephews as two star Generals and a great-grand-son Brig. Abdullah Dogar becoming a third generation officer and a soldier continuing the legacy of Dogars as brave and intelligent soldiers. Also, huge new legacy line of numerous doctors. Lt. Col. (late)

Sardar Mohammed Dogar

Graduated from Lahore, commissioned in British Army as first Dogar Officer of Crown; Passed out with Sword of Honor from Daradoom Indian Military Academy; Being Camp Commander while serving with 17th Dogara Regiment as a captain he was responsible for bringing and helping whole villages across border from India while himself being the last one to cross border. Later on commanded the most distinguished infantry regiment of Pakistan in 1965 War against India. He was famous for not wearing a steel helmet and leading with a stick. After, leaving the Army he was founding member of Pakistan Employees Social Security Institution and later on became the assistant commissioner of Punjab Employee Social Securities Institution. His military tradition was followed by many of his nephews, two sons (Major Ahmed Khalid Dogar; Pak Army and Muhammed Qasim; Royal Canadian Armed Forces) and grand children first from Maj. Ahmed Khalid Dogar who has two sons who are Dr. Saifuddin Khalid Dogar and Dr. Salahudin Khalid Dogar working as doctors in Manchester,U.K; also in recognition a legacy of Doctors for Lt. Col.'s grand-children are Dr. Irum Aziz Dogar, Dr. Ahsan Tariq Dogar, Dr. Saira Imran and Dr. Sana Arif Dogar.

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali Dogar

Arguably the wealthiest Dogar in Pakistan has left behind a legacy of successful and sprawling community of his siblings based out of Burewala, Pakistan. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali migrated alone from Hoshiarpur India to Burewala in 1948. He strove hard to build the largest privately owned, passenger transport company " Abbassia transport-Bure Bus service'. He has numerous philanthropic ventures to his name, from donating land to Burewala girls college to an entire area of Burewala named after him as 'Rehmatabad'. His land holdings in and around Burewala span over 1800 acres of agricultural land. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali' youngest son Abdul Aziz was elected to parliament as MPA from Burewala in 1977. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali's most of the grandsons are now settled abroad with one : Nadeem Ahmad Dogar working as CEO of Warid Telecom Georgia, two grandsons from his daughter (Dr. Saifuddin Khalid Dogar and Dr. Salahudin Khalid Dogar working as doctors in Manchester,U.K, Tanveer Ahmad Dogar (a graduate of Georgia State University) is currently working as a Assistant General Manager at one of the Hilton Hotels in Atlanta and Azhar Aziz Dogar who (a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Brown University/USA) is currently working as a managing director at DIB Capital (part of Dubai Islamic bank), UAE. Tariq Saleem Dogar is Inspector General (IG) of Punjab Police. Formerly, he was Director General of the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) and, prior to that, Additional Inspector General (AIG) of Punjab police. He is based in Lahore. Over the last two decades he has held numerous posts in Punjab police and has made tremendous contribution to the welfare of law and order in Pakistan, to help his community of needy Dogar's and promote justice in the society. 
Malik Muhammad Azam Dogar

Is serving in OGDCL as its Executive Director in BS-21. He has served in OGDCL for the last 36 years in different capacities. He belongs to a respectable of Multan. His father (Shamas Malik) was the first resident Editor of Daily Nawai Waqt and was a close associate of Quaid-e-Azam. Sardar Muhammad Ashiq Dogar(Late) was the first from the Dogar tribe to be elected as MPA twice and later first to be elected as MNA twice from Kasur Distt. Sardar Mansab Ali Dogar is a close relative of ex MNA Srdar Muhammad Ashiq Dogar. He himself has a unique honour of winning both MNA and MPA seats in 2007 General elections. He won the provincial assembly election in 1997 as well. Air Commodore Mukhtar Ahmad Dogar was the first PAF recipient of the Sitara-i-Jurat for the events of November 4th, 1948.

Brig Abdul Hamid Dogar

Served as Director General of Armoured Corps.

Brig Abdul Waheed Dogar

Besides holding various Command and Staff positions, he carried out a successful anti-Hijacking operation at Lahore Airport.

Brig Yasub Ali Dogar
Sitara-i-Basalat, Sitara-i-Esaar, Sitara-i-Imtiaz; Was a pioneering member of the Special Services Group (SSG) Commandos; Commanded Guides Infantry (FF), an armoured infantry battalion; Commanded the operational Brigade at Siachin; Was the founder director of Anti-Narcotics Force, Punjab; Has been Lord Mayor of Lahore and Advisor to the Governor of the Punjab on Public Affairs and Minority Affairs; Read more

Brig Zahid Hussain Dogar 

Besides holding various Command and Staff positions in army was also a great polo player and the polo ground of Quetta is named after him . Vice Admiral Mahmood Ali was Vice Chief of Naval Staff, Pakistan Navy. Rear Admiral

Tayab Ali Dogar 

Of the Pakistan Navy is currently Commandant of the National Security College and former Director General of the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency.

Justice Sardar Muhammad Dogar 
Of the Lahore High Court is from the Chotali Dogars of District Hoshiarpur and now hails from Sheikhupura.

Muhammad Rafiq Dogar

Is a famous journalist and columnist. He is also the author of a famous Islamic book "Al-Ameen", written on the life of Muhammad.

Riasat Ali Dogar

Is a government functionary and working with Oil and Gas Development Company as its Public Relationing Officer. He belongs to Faisalabad and had now settled in Islamabad for the last 16 years. He is known in circles for his services for the welfare and betterment of Dogar community all over Pakistan. He is a well known figures within electronic and print media of Pakistan.

Hamid Riaz Dogar
  Is a senior journalist and columnist of Lahore. Currently he is working with Daily Jasarat Karachi, as the Chief Editor and the Bureau Chief of Lahore Office.

Babar Dogar

Is a renowned journalist and columnist. He has worked with different leading media groups including Nawa-i-Waqt Group, Jang Group, and Express Group. Currently he is working with The News and is Bureau Chief of The Associated Press news organization of the United States.

Mushtafa Dogar

Author of a four-volume series book about the history of Dogar tribe in subcontinent , including a book on history of PATIALA state, regarding the roll of dogar tribe in the state.

Sharon Dogar 
Author of Waves.

Sardar Muhammad Hussein Dogar

Twice member of Punjab Assembley and Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab.

Murtaza Bilal Qasim Dogar
Chief Technology Specialist e-Bizsoft Inc. Florida, USA. Ghulam Farooq Dogar, Ophthalmologist and vitreoretinal surgeon, Canada. A graduate of King Edward Medical College, Lahore, he was previously been working in Shalamar and Sharif City hospitals, Lahore after training in Ireland and the U.K. He attained his FRCS(Ophthalmology) from Ireland. He subsequently moved to Newfoundland Canada, where he is a well-known Ophthalmologist.

Ghulam Mahmood Dogar

Police Service of Pakistan, holds both Quid-i-Azam Police Medal and President Police Medal, presently serving as Senior Superintendent of Police in Punjab. He graduated with the highest honor from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. He has made a great contribution to the society and police department by nabbing notorious criminals during his various postings in Sindh, Baluchistan and Punjab.

Sardar Mansab Ali Dogar 

Sultan Mehmood Dogar

Renown journalist of the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP). He produced hundreds of stories and he was arrested by the police many times. He broke the story of the famous corruption case of Sardar Mehtab, the former Chief Minister of NWFP.


abidhus said...

It is very interesting that some one has taken intiative to introduce dogar family and esp. about welknown personalities in Pakistan and India. I am writing these lines from Norway and I have been living here for the last 31 years, originally I belog to Dogar family in Khanqah Dogran.

I would be thankful to be informed any social and family activities in Pakistan or abroad.

I will write more about the family later. Hope to hear from you

Abid Hussain

abidhus said...

I do appreciate all those who have taken initiative to introduce the famous and welknown dogar family members.

I writing these lines from Norway where I have been living for the last 31 years.

My salam to all those who read this site.
Abid Hussain

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