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Badi Bahen - 1950

Badi Bahen - 1950
Directed by: Ram Daryani
Produced by: D. D. Kashyap
Written by: D. D. Kashyap (screenplay), Rajinder Singh Bedi, Qamar Jalalabadi, Rajinder Krishan (dialogue)
Music by: Husnlal Bhagatram
Cinematography: Surendra Pai
Editing by: Anant Apte
Release date(s): 1950
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Chup Chup Khade Ho

Chale Jana Nahin

Woh Paas Rahe

Bigadi Bananewale

Mohabbat Ke Dhoke Mein

Tum Mujh Ko Bhool Jao

Jo Dil Mein Khushi

Ho Likhnewale Ne
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Shyama (Suraiya) gets a job as a servant so she can pay for her younger sister, Kiran's (Geeta Bali) education in the city. Kiran, though, is in love with a rogue, Ajit (Pran). Ajit makes Kiran splurge all the money Shyama sends her on them. Meanwhile, Shyama meets and falls in love with Shyam (Rehman), the son of the family she works for and who is a doctor who wants to treat the poor. With both of being ill-treated by the woman of the house, who is Shyam's step mother, they decide to elope. However, Kiran comes to her, abandoned and impregnated. Shyama goes along with her without informing Shyam in order to find Ajit. They find Ajit but he escapes from them. The two sisters then relocate to another town. Kiran has the child, Shyama works in another house, where in order to get Kiran settled with the young man of the house and to prove her to be without blemish, she takes it upon herself to claim to be the mother of the child. This causes further complications with Shyam, who has managed to trace her out and now believes that she has been unfaithful to him. Wallowing in grief, he falls ill. Finally, with the help of a kindly army colonel, also Ajit's uncle (Ulhas), all ends well that well with a repentant Ajit marrying Kiran and Shyama reunited with Shyam.

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