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Baaz - 2003

Baaz - 1953

Movie Cast: Suniel Shetty, Karisma Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Dino Morea
Directed by: Tinnu Verma
Produced by:Tinnu Verma
Written by: Shyam Goel, Sanjay Masoom (Dialogue)
Music by: Ismail Darbar
Cinematography: Raju Kaygee
Editing by: Keshav Naidu
Distributed by: Kapishek Films
Release date(s); 7 February 2003
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Ae Subha

Chehre Pe

Arre Arre Jala

Sannata Mein

Tujhe Paake

Sannata Mein

Aey Subha

Arre Arre Jala

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This film revolves around a killer who suffers from a mental disorder which causes him to kill those who he is attracted to. In this film Karishma Kapoor plays as a girl from Delhi named Neha Chopra, who got a new job at Nainital, and moves to lonely neighborhood to pursue her career. She later falls in love with a man named Raj, who is played by Dino Morea. However, the cops inform her that he may be the killer of many young beautiful girls in the area, and she doubts the cops until something causes her to doubt him instead, so she decides to leave the city. The police officer Suniel Shetty asks her to see the condition of a sister of the killer who witnessed the murder, but is suffering from a Coma. Seeing her terrible condition, Neha decides to stay and help with the case and acts as if she is in love with Raj. It is later found out that the killer (Baaz) is indeed the officer played by Suniel Shetty and not Raj, and the officer is out to murder Neha. Raj who has lost the love from Neha has to now gain her trust back and save her from the dangers that await her.

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