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Vishwatma - 1992

Vishwatma - 1992
Movie Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Chunky Pandey, Sunny Deol, Sonam, Divya Bharati
Directed by: Rajiv Rai
Produced by: Gulshan Rai
Narrated by: Naseeruddin Shah
Music by: Viju Shah
Cinematography: Thomas A. Xavier
Editing by: Rajiv Rai
Distributed by: Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd.
Release date(s): 24 January 1992
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Aadmi Zindagi - I

Aadmi Zindagi - II

Aadmi Zindagi - III

Aankhon Mein Hai Kya

Dil Le Gayi Teri Bindiya - I

Dil Le Gayi Teri Bindiya - II

Dil Le Gayi Teri Bindiya - Instrumental

Saat Samundar Paar - Instrumental

Saat Samundar Paar

Saat Samundar Paar - Udit

Saat Samundar Paar - Sad


Usay Toofan Kehte Hain

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This film tells the story of two men seeking revenge (Sunny Deol and Chunky Pandey) who go to Kenya in search of the underworld leader Ajgar Juraat (Amrish Puri). In Kenya, they meet a heartbroken policeman (Nasserudin Shah) whose wife was murdered and who has been searching for her killer ever since. He has the job of watching over Deol and Pandey during their stay in Kenya. He gets in the way of these two men while they try to capture Amrish Puri. Little does Shah know that the man he is trying to protect is his wife's killer. When he finally finds out, they join forces and fight the man who destroyed their dreams.
Chunky Pandey is caught by Sunny Deol and is imprisoned. At the time of his imprisonment, his brothers are killed by Ajgar Juraat (Amrish Puri). As a result of this, he vows that he shall take revenge on Sunny by killing him. Meanwhile, Sunny has wreaked havoc amongst Amrish Puri's group. Amrish Puri finds out that Sunny's weakness is his little brother and kills him. Due to this Sunny's father (Aloknath) asks him what he got by fighting crime? The death of his younger brother? Sunny, shattered, leaves the house and goes off to live in a village, where one day he saves a girl from being kidnapped by dacoits. The news of this bravery spreads far enough to reach the ears of Dalip Tahil, Sunny's senior in the police force, who turns up to take Sunny back to Mumbai. But Sunny is adamant that he will not leave, as he has lost his faith in the police system. Dalip however vows to take Sunny back, and after a while returns with Sunny's father who coaxes Sunny to finally return and fight the Blue Panther gang that has grown in power and has scaled new heights in the crime world. Sunny returns to Mumbai and finds out that the main driving force behind the Blue Panther gang is a man called Ajgar Jurrat who resides in Kenya. Thus Sunny asks for a companion (Chunky Pandey) and with him sets out on his journey to destroy evil, thereby making his way to Kenya.
Upon arrival in Kenya, the duo are greeted by Inspector Surya Pratap (Naseeruddin Shah), who is the best and the most-feared police inspector in the Kenyan police force. Suryapratap is assigned the job of keeping watch over Sunny and Chunky during their stay in Kenya. Suuny and Chunky meet Sonam (the sister of Chunky's bhabhi, whose husband was killed by Ajgar and who is also out to seek revenge on him) who informs them that she, too, is in cahoots with them in their quest to destroy Ajgar. She tells them that they should go to Bubbles discothèque, which is owned and managed by Gulshan Grover (Tapaswi Gunjal), who would be their first step in locating Ajgar as he is Ajgar's to be son-in-law and is due to marry Ajgar's daughter Sonia. Tapaswi Gunjal specialises in a brand of speaking extremely pure and often incomprehible Hindi. Chunky and Sunny request Naseer to take them to Bubbles discothèque where Sonia's birthday is being celebrated. They arrive there to find out that Sunny's love interest, Divya Bharati, has been given a job at the disco as a singer and dancer. The song "Saat Samundar Paar" is played after which Tapaswi (Gulshan Grover) tries to molest Divya in his van on the pretext of dropping her home. Sunny comes forward to rescue her and there is a fight. Chunky who has stolen Sunny's pistol is about to shoot Sunny and clear his vendetta when he is stopped by Nasseruddin shah who arrives in the nick of time. Seeing the inspector, Tapaswi and his mates flee, and Sunny and Chunky are taken back to the hotel by Inspector Suryapratap.
Next day at the hotel, Tapaswi arrives to meet his girlfriend Sonia and finds Divya Bharati swimming in the pool. She threatens to expose him for molesting her. He says sorry and extends his hand for an acceptance, when Divya pulls him into the pool. This gives Chunky a chance to make off with Sonia and he pretends to be her driver. Sonia is angry as she discovers that Chunky is taking her elsewhere, and she gets oout of the car. Here Chunky expresses his love towards her by singing the song "Saat Samundar Paar" but is interrupted by Tapaswi who has followed them with his henchmen. He also sings "Saat Samundar Paar." This is a comedy-filled moment. After that he kidnaps Chunky and takes him to Ajgar's house. Chunky recognises Ajgar as his brothers' murderer and swears revenge on him. But Ajgar hangs Chunky by a tree. Sunny, who had secretly followed Tapaswi after he kidnapped Chunky, now makes an entry and he saves Chunky by executing a stunt with his car. After this, Chunky apologises to Sunny for wanting to kill him and asks him to be his friend and brother, and they embrace.
Meanwhile Ajgar tells Tapaswi and his son that the Blue Panther Gang is arriving from India carrying a present for them. Upon their arrival Ajgar is presented with a die of the 100 rupee note which he can use to make fake currency. He is so overjoyed that he hosts a "Bharatiya Ekta Divas" ("Indians' Unity Meet") to which he invites the Kenyan police inspector and Inspector Suryapratap. Chunky and Sunny are informed of this by Sonam and are on their way to the party when Inspector Suryapratap turns up and says that they cannot go out during the night; he places guard dogs at their door to prevent them from escaping. However Sunny, Chunky, and Sonam escape through the bathroom window and disguise themselves. Upon arriving at Ajgar's house Sonam introduces Sunny as Maharaja Bhookamp Singh and Divya Bharati as his wife while Chunky is introduced as Nawab Zafar Changezi.
The song "Dil le gayi teri bindiya" is started by Inspector Suryapratap, who is under the influence of alcohol which Sonam has coaxed him into having. Taking advantage of this, Sunny and Chunky start investigating Ajgar's house and find a box of 100 rupee notes. They keep one note and come back to the song and dance. Next morning upon looking closely, Sunny declares the 100 rupee note to be a fake and thus the duo are convinced that Blue Panther gang and Ajgar are now in the fake currency business. They plan to find out more about this.
Meanwhile Sonam takes them to Tapaswi Gunjal's casino where Sunny and Divya go as Maharaja and Maharani Bhookamp Singh; Chunky disguises as one of the casino dealers and comes to the table where Sunny is playing roulette. He gives Sonam a magnet that she fixes under the table on the very number that Sunny bets on, making Sunny win all the money in the casino. On hearing this news Tapaswi is devastated and he comes out to find Sunny demanding his winnings. Sunny is assured by Tapaswi that he shall be paid in Indian currency and Sunny is asked to come to Tapsawi's residence the next morning. As they are leaving Sunny and Chunky are caught and recognised (in spite of their disguise) by Naseeruddin shah. They tell Inspector Suryapratap that they want to fight evil and ask him for 48 hours in which they can prove themselves and expose Ajgar. Inspector Suryapratap agrees but warns them that if they apprehend any innocent person then he shall be forced to arrest them. Chunky and Sunny agree.
The next morning they go to Tapaswi's residence to find him waiting for them with boxes full of money. They know that the money is fake and hence, Chunky dressed as Nawab Changezi, asks Tapaswi to count the cash. Tapaswi, who has never been to school, finds counting difficult, much to the glee of Chunky. Sunny takes this opportunity to sneak into the room where the die is kept. He finds Ajgar's son celebrating with the Blue Panther gang and steals the die from under their noses. Their task accomplished, Sunny and Chunky leave behind their garbs as a warning to Ajgar and leave Tapaswi still counting money who, after his laborious efforts, finally looks up to find the duo gone and their fancy costumes left behind.
He raises a hue and cry, and the Blue Panther gang and Ajgar realise that they have been duped. Ajgar's vows to get the die back. Sunny calls Ajgar and tells him that he shall return the die but Ajgar has to comply with his demands. Ajgar calls him to his residence where Sunny and Chunky and Sonam go.
Chunky demands Ajgar's daughter as the price of the die to which Ajgar becomes angry and reminds him of how he killed all of his brothers and is backed by the Blue Panther gang in his threats. This is heard by Sonia who comes out shouting that she hates her father and that he and her brothers are criminals. Sunny throws the die in the air and shoots it, breaking it into pieces. Ajgar orders for them to be shot, but Chunky holds Ajgar's daughter Sonia at gunpoint and manages to get them all out.
Chunky apologises to Sonia and tells her that he is in love with her. Sonia replies that she loves him and is willing to accept him as her life partner. Meanwhile, Ajgar's son complains to Inspector Suryapratap that Chunky has kidnapped his sister. He takes the inspector to the hotel room where Chunky has kept Sonia. He manages to sedate her and shows her in an unconscious state to Inspector Suryapratap, convincing him that Chunky has kidnapped and molested her. Chunky is locked up behind bars.
Sunny discovers this, confronts the inspector, and a fight ensues. It is stopped by the arrival of Mumbai Commissioner of Police (Raza Murad) who tells Sunny that he should behave and stop wreaking havoc. Sunny is arrested by the Kenyan police and locked up. Raza (Mumbai CP) arranges for Chunky and Sunny to be deported to India. They are sent off to the airport amid tight security.
Meanwhile Ajgar, his son and Tapaswi visit Inspector Suryapratap's house where they congratulate him for having put Sunny and Chunky behind bars. Suryapratap's little daughter Sunaina, recognises Ajgar's son as her mother's murderer while they are leaving. Suryapratap comes to know of this and finds that he has been tricked by Ajgar. He rushes to the airport to stop Chunky and Sunny from leaving, but they are gone. On the plane, they discover that the Commissioner of Mumbai Police (Raza) is in cahoots with Ajgar and has placed a time bomb on the plane to have them eliminated. They fight their way out and jump out of the plane on parachutes.
Suryapratap, now blind with rage, goes alone into Ajgar's lair and confronts him, only to be captured. He finds Divya Bharti, Sonam and his daughter already hostages. He also finds Raza joining hands with Ajgar and Raza informs him that Sunny and Chunky shall be blown up on the plane, all thanks to Suryapratap for having arrested them and delivering them into the hands of death. Simbo, Sonia's pet chimpanzee, is sent to Suryapratap carrying Sunny's mouth organ. This leads Inspector Suryapratap to believe that Sunny and Chunky are alive.
Just after this, Sunny and Chunky make an entry into Ajgar's lair and the fight to the end ensues. All the villains are killed and the heroes are united with their ladies. Suryapratap agrees to marry Sonam and is granted a long leave by the Kenyan government to tour India, the country of his ancestors.
All is well at the end.

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