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Victoria No. 203 - 1972

Victoria No. 203 - 1972
Directed by: Brij
Produced by: Brij
Starring: Navin Nischol, Saira Banu, Pran, Ashok Kumar
Music by: Kalyanji Anandji
Release date(s): 1972
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Victoria No.203

Do Bechare


Thora Sa Thero

Zindagi Aa Gayi

Victoria 203

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Seth Durgadas (Anwar Hussain), a rich industrialist, is the leader of a smuggling gang. Nobody suspects this, not even his son Kumar (Navin Nischol). As a trusted member of society, he gets all information, while his gang executes his plans.
During one such planned robbery of some diamonds, a gang member keeps all diamonds to himself. The man sent to retrieve the diamonds kills him, but follows his victims suit. A furious Durgadas sends some henchmen to kill the traitor and retrieve the diamonds. The henchmen corner and kill the traitor, but the latter has succeeded in hiding the diamonds somewhere.
Meanwhile, a Victoria driver, with number 203, who was found near the dead body, is arrested for murder and stealing the diamonds, about which he knows nothing. On the other hand, two good-hearted criminals, Raja (Ashok Kumar) and Rana (Pran) are to be released. Rana has a grief - his infant son was kidnapped from a park years ago, and Rana has no idea where his son is or what happened to him.
By luck, they find themselves on the hunt for the diamonds. Following meagre clues of a key and a note about diamonds, they piece the story and learn about the Victoria driver. They realise that no one has got a scent of the missing diamonds. To get closer to the Victoria, they pose as distant cousins of the Victoria driver, who are reluctantly admitted inside by the drivers elder daughter Rekha (Saira Banu).
They soon find out that the only earning member of the house is in jail, but his elder daughter is acting suspicious. During the day, she dresses up as a man, posing as a Victoria driver, while during the night, when everyone is supposedly sleeping, she slips out of the home. Raja and Rana follow her to the house of a man, who unknown to them, is Durgadas's henchman (Ranjit).
They are shocked to see Rekha seducing him. But when the henchman tries to rape her, the duo save her. On accosting her, she tells that the man was suspiciously the Victoria since her father was arrested & only the secret in Victoria can set her father free. Before they can know anything, the henchman is shot dead.
On learning the Victoria drivers story and importance of the diamonds for Rekha, the scoundrel duo decide to do one good turn. They tell Rekha the whole truth, but a shocked Rekha doesn't have a clue about the location of diamonds. Even after tearing the Victoria apart, nothing is found.
Meanwhile, Rekha falls in love with Kumar, whom she met while posing as a cab driver. She tries to woo him posing as a rich lady, a plan which works well. During night, she is Rekha, during day, just a cab driver Kumar has befriended. However, Kumar soon finds out the truth & proposes Rekha, in spite of her fathers situation.
Durgadas strictly objects the relationship. But when Kumar learns his fathers true nature, he cuts all ties with his father and forms an uneasy alliance with Raja and Rana. When Durgadas learns that Rekha is the daughter of the framed driver, he kidnaps her and Kumar. Now he demands that Raja and Rana find the diamonds, if they want to see the duo alive.
During this deal, Durgadas's drinks are being served on an ornate tray with a fake Victoria headlamp attached to it. Suddenly an epiphany occurs to Rana-the diamonds are hidden in the Victoria's lamp! The duo rush towards Rekha's home, but this time, they have some more tricks up their sleeve.
The duo turn up at Durgadas's den, where they manage to create a confusion by luring the gang members to the diamonds. Durgadas is embarrassed to see that not one member of his gang is loyal to him. In a comical & twist filled climax, Durgadas & his remaining gang is arrested with proof. Many skeletons tumble out of the closet. It is learnt that Kumar is not Durgadas's son. Durgadas's had an infant stolen to prevent himself from being disinherited. Kumar is actually Rana's son.
Rekha's father is exonerated & set free. Kumar & Rekha beg Rana to live with them. Since they have turned a new leaf, Rana accepts while Raja decides to leave, considering that life may have something else written for him, which he has to find out himself. However, after leaving them, Raja starts following a lady in a burqa, only to be confronted by the "lady", who turns out to be Rana. They decide to live rest of their lives as common men, something they always wanted.

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