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Vaade Iraade - 1994

Vaade Iraade - 1994
Directed by: Kalpana Bhardwaj
Produced by: Ashok Sharma, Vijay Sharma
Starring: Ayush Kumar, Mamta Kulkarni
Music by: Jatin Lalit
Cinematography: Kamalakar Rao
Editing by: V.N. Mayekar
Distributed by: B4U Entertainment
Release date(s): October 10, 1994
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Tum Ho Meri Sweet Heart

Yeh Dil Deewana

Hum Apna Naam Lekar

Main No.1 Hoon

Teri Zindahgi Hai

Dil Nashin Hai

Naghmon Ke Rang


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Science College Principal Tripathi is critized by the college professors during a meeting due to his younger brother, Ajay, failing twice and losing two years. Tripathi is angry with Ajay and wants him to drop poetry and poems and concentrate on his studies. Ajay does not do so, and instead leaves the house, telling his brother that he will establish himself as a poet and then return home. He submits his poems for publication, and is told that there is something lacking in them. He meets with an falls in love with beautiful Nikita, who is only daughter of a wealthy industrialist. Ajay wants to establish himself before he gets married, and relocates to Bombay. Once there, he gets involved with a Bollywood actress, Jyoti, and takes to gambling and drinking. His submitted poems are stolen by a couple of shady men, who rake in a lot of money, leaving Ajay with a mere pittance. Nikita goes to Bombay and finds Ajay...

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