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Badal - 1951

Badal - 1951
Movie Cast: Madhubala, Prem Nath, Purnima, Hiralal, Randhir, S. Nazir, Agha, Shanti, Anand Pal, Krishnakant, Bazid Khan, Sitaram, Laxman Rao
Director: Amiya Chakrabarty
Writers: Amiya Chakrabarty
Genres: Action, Romance
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Aaj Mane Na Mora Jiya Lata & Chorus

Ae Dil Na Mujhse Lata & Mukesh

Anmol Pyar Bin Mol Bikhe Lata

Ansoo Bahane Wale Lata

Aye Dil Na Mujhse Lata & Mukesh

Do Din Ke Liye Mehman Lata

Main Rahi Bhatakne Wala Mukesh

Rota Hai Mera Dil Lata

SUnse Pyar Ho Gaya Lata

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An Indianized version of the Sherwood Forest legend. King is away, the jaagirdar is a wimp and his henchman loots the poor. Our hero steals from the tyrant and helps the poor and repressed. On a romantic sideline, he courts the jagirdar's beautiful daughter, who is also being wooed by the evil henchman.

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