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What's Your Raashee? - 2009

What's Your Raashee? - 2009
Directed by: Ashutosh Gowarikar
Produced by: Ronnie Screwvala, Ashutosh Gowarikar
Screenplay by:  Naushil Mehta, Ashutosh Gowariker
Based on: Kimball Ravenswood by Madhu Rye
Starring: Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra
Music by: Sohail Sen
Cinematography: Piyush Shah
Editing by: Ballu Saluja
Distributed by: UTV Motion Pictures, Ashutosh Gowariker Productions
Release date(s): September 25, 2009
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Pal Pal Dil Jisko Dhoonde

Jao Na

Aja Lehraate

Bikhri Bikhri

Maanunga Maanunga

Sau Janam

Aa Le Chal

Pyaari Pyaari

Su Chhe

Salone Kya

Dhadkan Dhadkan

Koi Jaane Na

Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain
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The movie starts off in a quaint rural village where an elderly man, Yogesh's grandfather is eagerly awaiting the postman. Upon the postman's arrival, he gets a card addressed to him from his youngest grandson Yogesh. He decides then and there that his inheritance will go to Yogesh.
The scene then flips to Mumbai, where Yogesh's family is consulting an astrologer to find out whether their eldest son Jitu, is destined for jail, as he has many pending debts. They are relieved to hear he is not, and gives the astrologer their younger son, Yogesh's birth date to find out what his future is. The astrologer is astonished to see that Yogesh, will come into much money if he is married on the 20th of that month, and right then a phone call comes. The family is overjoyed to see that their grandfather has made Yogesh the sole heir to his property.
The movie then flips to Chicago where you see Yogesh, a very successful young man with a high paying job. He gets an SMS that his father has had a heart attack and comes rushing to Mumbai. When he arrives he finds out that he was lied to by Jitu. The family then explains the situation that, Jitu owes a very rich man 2.5 crores, which he whiled away in gambling, and if Yogesh doesn’t marry on the 20th, then Jitu will go to jail. Yogesh is adamant at first that he will NOT marry, but then Jitu pulls him aside and tells him that there is more. He had also borrowed 1.5 crores from a mob boss who was on his tail to pay him back and that if he doesn't, he is afraid he will be killed. His parents don’t know about it and he wants to keep it that way. Yogesh is annoyed but agrees to marry. At this time they are standing outside the apartment where they live when two rough looking men come up to Jitu and say that boss wants to meet you, they then take Jitu and Yogesh to meet him where Jitu promises the mob boss that his money will be delivered on the day of the wedding during the reception. The mob boss agrees but threatens them that if he doesn’t get his money, he will cut their fingers off.
Yogesh then goes to meet with his uncle and father. His Uncle Devu had posted an ad with Yogesh's photo, and 176 girls had replied. Yogesh realized he couldn’t see so many girls at once so he decides that he will see one girl from each raashee (zodiac sign) after reading a book about raashee's the previous night. After their meeting, Uncle Devu’s wife comes to ask a favor from Yogesh's father. She asks for him to assign a private detective to follow her husband because she suspects that he is cheating on her. When his father tries to find one he finds out the astrologer is also a private detective. They agree that he will tail Devu to find out the girls name and address. Then Devu takes Yogesh to meet the girls.
The plot then evolves into a series of meetings with each of the twelve girls, and many songs corresponding to each one. (See Characters played by Priyanka Chopra for a list of all the girls.) During this time, the sub-plot with the detective moves forward as well, and he identifies the mistress as a lady named Anila.
When Yogesh has met with most of the girls, one of them, Sanjana meets him and asks if they can talk in private. He agrees and while he packs his things from his bedroom Sanjana talks to him about how a boy has agreed to marry her and her uncle and aunt are ignoring her refusal. She asks that Yogesh accepts her proposal long enough for her to figure out something about her boyfriend. He accepts after telling her about his own problems with Jitu. Sanjana is touched that Yogesh is still willing to help her even with all of his problems and hugs him. Right at this moment Devu walks in and thinks he has interrupted their "moment". Sanjana wants to explain to him that he has got it all wrong and runs after him. Downstairs the private detective is still tailing Devu. He doesn't know that Devu has been staying with Anila at the hotel and watches the meeting between Sanjana and Devu take place. He watches Devu talk to her, then Sanjana shows him a picture, but when he says something, she gets angry and tries to leave. Devu stops her and she bursts into tears crying into his shoulder while he holds her. They then get up and go to Devu's car and drive off. Yogesh's father arrives at the hotel because the detective sent him the pictures he snapped of Sanjana and Devu as Yogesh himself is coming down the stairs. The private detective tells them he believes that Devu is having an affair with Sanjana. Yogesh thinks back and realizes that it's true. After seeing the pictures that the detective took, he is certain. Yogesh asks the detective to send the pictures to his phone. Then Anila comes downstairs asking where Devu is. He shows her the photos and says that the detective says he and Sanjana went to Khandala, a hill-station near Mumbai. The detective tells Devu's wife the same thing. Both find Devu at a hotel with Sanjana. Anila and Devu's wife both ask who the other is. Sanjana says hi to them politely but they take no notice. The scene changes to Yogesh and Devu getting in a car, both are angry with each other because Devu thinks that Yogesh betrayed him and Yogesh is angry at him for messing around with Sanjana.
After seeing the last girl, that night, Yogesh's mother talks to him, and apologizes for making him go through this trouble, and tells him to choose who his heart wants, not his mind. While dreaming, Yogesh sees all the girls (in the song "Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain") and in the morning, decides who he will marry. He arrives at Rajni's office, obviously going only because she offered 5 crores of dowry, even though Yogesh refused, when he discovers that his friend and Rajni are to be married. He leaves, very relieved and goes to his Devu's place. He says that he wants to marry Vishakha, and Devu dials the phone only to reject her. He says that there is no need to marry her, because he has found out about Jitu's debt, and says that he will choose Yogesh's bride himself.
The next day he asks his uncle to tell him the name of his bride, but Devu says to be patient. When the bride enters, Yogesh cannot tell, because they all looked the same. When they are finished with the rounds around the marriage pyre, Devu welcomes the father of the bride as Sanjana's father. Yogesh is staggered, and at this time Yogesh's grandfather appears and brings with him all the money needed to pay off Jitu's various debts. He explains that Devu called him and explained what was going on. While the pay off is occurring, Yogesh pulls Devu aside to ask him how he had arranged for Sanjana to marry him.
Devu explains that the afternoon where Sanjana had followed him to explain that she and Yogesh were not romantically linked she had shown him a picture of her and her boyfriend together. He said he had been shocked because he had seen the same man in Khandala kissing another woman. This was why Sanjana had been angry, and ended up crying so he took her to Khandala to prove to her that he had been right. That's why he had been at the hotel because Sanjana had gone to confront her boyfriend. In the end she was crying on his shoulder, when Anila and his wife Kanta both showed up. He then asked Sanjana if she would marry Yogesh and she agreed instantly because she realized she loved him. Upon hearing this, Yogesh realized he loved Sanjana as well. They are happily married and the movie ends with everyone asking Yogesh what his raashee is.

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