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Tutiya Dil - 2012

Tutiya Dil - 2012
Release Date: 13 Jan 2012
Movie Cast: Suzanna Mukherjee, Sidhant Kapur, Nikhil Sabharwal, Iris Maity, Ankit Gupta, Jyoti Bhardwaj, Chiragh Farmahan, Darpan Malik, Navin Kaushik
Producer: Kshitij Chaudhary
Director: Amit Khanna
Cinematography: Shweta Chanda
Screenplay: Amit Khanna
Dialogue: Prabal Punjabi

Satrangia Dil  Gulraj Singh

Tutiya Dil  Ram Sampath, Prakriti Kakar

Alak Niranjan  Divya Kumar

Le Chalo  Meenal Jain, Jasvinder Singh

Hip Hop Saiyaan  Akriti Kakar, Sayantini Das

Aag Lage  Alamgir Khan
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Scraped knees are easier to fix than broken hearts, don’t we all secretly wish we were little kids again... People have different ways of dealing with heart break or the end of a relationship, some move on even before the beginning of the end and some refuse to even acknowledge the end, there are those who believe in revenge. Some people lose control and forget who they are, as they start generalizing hate to a gender as a whole just because of a bad experience with the opposite sex. Meet Rhea Kapoor, a beautiful, vibrant, level headed girl of today, who changes her life after a sour break up. This strong, independent, confident, successful girl becomes so unsure of herself that she decides to see a shrink.
The story unfolds as Rhea narrates her story to her shrink, hoping he would give her solutions to all her problems. She tells him how from a career oriented woman she turned into a 16year old girl, madly in love after she met her new boss, Karan Oberoi.
Rhea can’t be blamed for it, as Karan is every woman’s dream come true, it would be impossible not to fall for him. They hit it off and Rhea gets the perfect relationship she always imagined. As soon as they are ready to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together, Rhea is hit by a sudden storm as Karan breaks up with her. Now as she is left homeless and heartbroken, there are only two people who stand by her. First is Anu, her best friend who is a quintessential feminist. Anu is Rhea’s partner in crime on most occasions, she is someone who keeps getting in and out relationships and the main reason being that she always looks for some sort of emotional support in a man. Second is Vishal, her subordinate who is a true womanizer in every sense. Vishal comes across as a nonchalant care free guy but deep inside he is emotional and he helps rhea overcome her break up. They both share a unique bond and it is hard to put a label on it but their chemistry undeniable.
Rhea constantly wonders about reasons for her break up and begins to feel under confident and keeps on questioning herself. In order to stop questioning herself she begins to blame the entire Male species, she concludes that men are like turkeys who are non committal and that they can never be satisfied with one woman.
Rhea now becomes an anonymous columnist for a magazine and begins to make all women believe in the same theory, the break up surely affects her and un knowingly she does begin to typecast all men in the world not realizing that what she is looking for is probably just in front of her eyes. As they say sometimes you hate them because it hurts too much to love them.
As this anonymous columnist becomes more and more famous, Rhea’s life becomes even more chaotic. Her boss decides to interview this columnist, and the whole office ( including Rhea) are given the task of finding this mystery woman. As Rhea is getting some freshness in her life with Vishal, Karan decides to come back. Will Rhea go back to karan? Will she reveal herself to the whole world as the anonymous writer? Will she find true love or will she stick to her theories of men being like turkeys?

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