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Yaadgaar - 1984

Yaadgaar - 1984
Movie Cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Kamal Hassan, Poonam Dhillon, Tanuja, Jamuna
Release Date: 20 July 1984
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Director: Narayana Rao Dasari
Writers: Anjaan (lyrics), Narayana Rao Dasari (screenplay)
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Sa Se Banta Hai Sathi

Dua Dua Dua

Aate Hain Chale Jaata Hain - Happy

Aate Hain Chale Jaate Hain - Sad

Ye Dil Wale Aao

Raju Mera Naam

Thare Mare Naina Largaye
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Village based widower postmaster Shambunath is upset with his unemployed slacker son, Rajnath, who is also a trouble-maker. He suddenly passes away, and Rajnath re-locates to live with his married sister, Malti, and her family. It is here he will not only face abuse and humiliation, but also be asked to do all housework, and regarded as a jinx. He is then befriended by a wealthy male, Kalpnath Rai, who believes him to be his lucky mascot after he not only wins at the races; but also a Court case; becomes a parent; and adopts him. He even permits Rajnath's blind girlfriend, Naina, to live in his palatial mansion, has her sight restored through Dr. Bhatnagar, and wants the couple to get married soon. Things change after Rajnath overhears Kalpnath telling Naina that she cannot marry him; while Lakshmi Rai prepares to accuse him of attempting to kill her child.

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