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Download and Listen Online Zindagi - 1964 Indian Movie Songs

Zindagi - 1964

Directed by: Ramanand Sagar
Produced by: Gemini Pictures
Starring: Rajendra Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Prithviraj Kapoor
Music by: Shankar Jaikishan
Distributed by: Gemini Pictures
Release date(s): 1964
Country: India India
Language: Hindi

Dil Ka Kanwal Lata

Ek Nayi Mehmaan Ki Lata & Co

Ghungharva Mora Cham Cham Baje Asha, Rafi

Hamne Jafa Na Seekhi Mohd Rafi

Hum Pyar Ka Sauda Karte Hain - I Lata

Hum Pyar Ka Sauda Karte Hain - II Lata

Muskura Ladle Manna Day

Pahle Mile The Sapno Mein Mohd Rafi

Pyar Ki Dulhan Lata

Download All Songs:-
► Dil Ka Kanwal
► Ek Nayi Mehmaan Ki
► Ghungharva Mora Cham Cham Baje
► Hamne Jafa Na Seekhi
► Hum Pyar Ka Sauda Karte Hain - I
► Hum Pyar Ka Sauda Karte Hain - II
► Muskura Ladle
► Pahle Mile The Sapno Mein
► Pyar Ki Dulhan

Beena works as a stage actress and lives a poor lifestyle with her widowed mother. One day while returning home she is molested by Bankhe and two other men, but Rajan comes to her rescue. He escorts her home and soon both of them fall in love with each other. Rajan's dad, Rai Bahadur Gangasaran, is wealthy and does not approve of Beena at all. But when Rajan threatens to leave him, he changes his mind and permits them to get married. After the marriage they settle down to a harmonious life and soon Beena becomes pregnant. One night while driving, Rajan gets a flat tire, he leaves Beena in the car in order to get help. When he returns Beena has disappeared. She returns home the next day, and everyone is relieved to have her back. A few days later they get the news that Gopal, the Manager of the Theatre that Beena used to work with, has been arrested and charged with killing a man named Ratanlal. Gangasaran is on the jury and would like Gopal to get a fair trial. The police find out that a woman was present with Gopal at the night of the murder, but Gopal refuses to divulge her name. As a result of this refusal, he is found guilty. When the sentence is about to be passed, Beena suddenly appears in Court and testifies that she was with Gopal the night of the murder. Gopal is set free, but Beena is shunned by Rajan and Gangasaran and not only driven out of the house, but also from the town. The question does remain - what compelled Beena to spend the night with Gopal, and why was Gopal accused of killing Ratanlal?

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