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Zeher - 2005

Zeher - 2005

Directed by: Mohit Suri
Produced by: Mukesh Bhatt
Written by: Mahesh Bhatt
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Udita Goswami,Shamita Shetty, Sameer Kochhar
Music by: Anu Malik,Roop Kumar Rathod
Cinematography: Fuwad Khan
Editing by: Akiv Ali
Release date(s): 25 March 2005

Agar Tum Miljao - Female Shreya Ghoshal

Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein Atif Aslam

Jaane Ja Jaane Ja Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal

Aye Bekhabar KK

Agar Tum Miljao - Male Udit Narayan

Lamhe - Dj Mix

Zamana Chhod Denge Hum

Agar Tum Mil Jao - Instrumental

Download All Songs:-
► Agar Tum Miljao - Female
► Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein
► Jaane Ja Jaane Ja
► Aye Bekhabar
► Agar Tum Miljao - Male
► Lamhe - Dj Mix
► Zamana Chhod Denge Hum
► Agar Tum Mil Jao - Instrumental

In a small town in Goa steeped in azure seas and sultry secrets, the chief of local police station, Siddharth (Emran Hashmi) finds himself caught in the eye of a storm…and about to get blown away.
Siddharth, who is going through a divorce with his wife, Sonia (Shamita Shetty) whom he still loves, finds himself involved with a local married woman named Anna (Udita Goswami). Unable to cope with the pressures of his wife's success who is in the special police force, he continues his secret and dangerous relationship with Anna.
Things get even more complicated when Siddharth realizes that Anna's husband, Shawn (Sameer Kochhar) is a wife beater and Anna is dying from cancer. Being a good soul, Siddharth does not have it in him to abandon this woman who seems to have given him some affection in recent times.
In the heat of the moment, Siddharth takes an irrational decision to give Anna the money he recovered in a drug raid, for her medication in a final effort to save her. Things are not what they seem since Anna dies in a fire that very night. Siddharth now races to uncover a murky tail of drug money, murder and deceit, because all the evidences points to him.
With his wife heading the case, Siddharth is now in a race against time to find out the real truth behind Anna's murder, recover the drug money and also win his wife's love back.
After a bunch of wild goose chases, Siddharth finds out that Anna is very much alive and was actually controlling Shawn and Siddharth in the whole plot for getting the Insurance money. Siddharth finds this in just nick of time and while confronting Anna with the truth, Anna points a gun at him. In the scuffle that follows, Siddharth shoots Anna and Sonia provides the alibi for him stating that Anna's death was an accident.
The movie ends with Siddharth recovering the lost drug money and his wife.

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